Monday, August 22, 2011

Prelim = Success!

I passed! It sounds like the written portion was closer than the oral portion, but as long as I pass, the number is only a matter of pride.

The main comments from the oral portion were that I needed better focus and to limit the scope of my project. Regarding the written proposal, my committee wanted more detail and focus. Apparently I succeeded on the details, but didn't get as far as they wanted on the focus. They also gave me ideas on how to proceed so my degree should be easier and timelier that it would otherwise have been. That is the purpose of a prelim and committee, right? My adviser told me the committee was impressed with my knowledge of the subject :). That's good.

I am fine with these comments. Most scientists seem to have problems with focus and scope. Have you experienced this?


  1. Great news!! Congrats! And, yes, the scientists I know always want to do more than what they can focus on :)

  2. Congrats! My husband went through the same thing. My committee, however, was pretty useless as far as suggestions for my project. I found out later that my initial project would have taken a it's a good thing I switched!